The fourteenth precept is to observe the Sabbath day, which was the day of rest for all the works of creation. This precept comprises two parts, one to rest on Shabbat and the other to invest it with holiness. We must observe that day as a day of rest, as has already been said, for the reason that it was a day of rest from the beginning, all the work of Creation having been completed before this day was sanctified. After the day was sanctified, there remained a residue of spirits for which no body was created.

Why, one may ask, would not G’d have waited to sanctify the day until He had created bodies for these spirits? The reason is that, out of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the “power of evil” came to control the world, and thus several different spirits set out to acquire bodies by force.

As soon as the Holy One, blessed be He, saw this, He raised a wind from the tree of life that blew and whipped against the other tree, so that the “beneficial power” would arise and the day be sanctified. For the creation of bodies and the stirring of spirits that night take place under the influence of “beneficial power” and not “evil power”.

Source: Zohar

Shabat Shalom !!

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